Erase Wrinkles With Sculptra®

Lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin might seem like a “natural” part of aging — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today’s dermal fillers help “plump up” sagging skin, filling in wrinkles, lines, and scars so your skin looks smooth, rejuvenated, and more youthful.

At Evolve Health, our team offers a variety of fillers, including state-of-the-art Sculptra®, to help women and men in Portland, Oregon, enjoy sexier, firmer, smoother skin. Here’s how Sculptra can help you look and feel great. 

Sculptra basics

Sculptra is one of the most popular soft tissue fillers, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, with more than 120,000 treatments in 2019 alone. Unlike other dermal fillers like Juvederm® and Restylane® that use hyaluronic acid as their base, Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA, a synthetic polymer that’s been used for many years in dissolvable sutures. While hyaluronic acid helps attract moisture to plump up skin, PLLA works by adding volume and stimulating collagen production.

Sculptra is non-allergenic — one of the qualities that makes it ideal for fillers, as well as sutures and other medical components, like bone screws. Plus because it’s a synthetic, it can last for a long time as a filler — up to two years in most applications and sometimes longer.

Erasing wrinkles with Sculptra

Sculptra helps reduce or eliminate wrinkles and lines in a couple ways. First, Sculptra’s unique solution is designed to replace lost volume, especially in the cheeks and around the nose and mouth. Many lines and wrinkles form as your natural volume is lost, allowing your skin to droop and sag. By replacing that lost volume, Sculptra fills in wrinkles and lines and helps skin look and feel firmer and more youthful.

At the same time, Sculptra stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two naturally occurring fibers that form a network for skin. It’s collagen and elastin that give youthful skin its bounce and resilience. Unfortunately, our skin produces less collagen and elastin as we age, leaving skin weaker and looser. Combined with a loss of volume, a decline in collagen and elastin make it a lot easier for wrinkles and lines to form while also contributing to sagging jowls and “hollowed-out” cheeks.

These two different effects means you’ll begin to see results almost immediately after your treatment as lost volume is restored and specific areas are plumped up again. But you’ll also continue to see results over time, typically for several months as collagen and elastin are remodeled in the deeper layers of your skin. In fact, this two-step approach means you can enjoy results that look more natural — your results will be noticeable, but subtle, not fake or artificial.

Sculptra lasts a lot longer than hyaluronic acid-based fillers, and it can also be repeated as your results begin to wear off. For many women — and men, too — Sculptra provides a lot of the lifting benefits of a surgical facelift, but without the incisions, sutures, recovery time, or cost.

Say goodbye to lines and wrinkles

Sculptra helps fill in lines and wrinkles while also firming up your skin so it looks its youthful best. Plus, injections are performed right in our office, and your treatment can be completed in just one visit. To learn how Sculptra can work for you, call Evolve Aesthetics at 503-343-9236 or use our online form to book your consultation visit today.

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