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Peach fuzz and acne scars are features that you might’ve come to accept on your skin since they don’t go away with home exfoliation. With dermaplaning, available at Evolve Aesthetics in Portland, Oregon, you can enjoy smoother skin after removing the top layer of cells, fine hair, and more. To see if dermaplaning fits into your skin care plan, call Evolve Aesthetics, or book a consultation online today.

Dermaplaning Q & A

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliative skin care procedure available from the experts at Evolve Aesthetics. In order to strip your skin of dead cells, peach fuzz, and debris, the team uses a fine scalpel to scrape the surface. With a smooth, renewed surface, you can go bare-faced or apply makeup with a flawless finish.

You can get dermaplaning by itself to improve your skin or as part of a well-rounded treatment plan. The Evolve Aesthetics team often recommends getting dermaplaning before other skin care treatments, like chemical peels or HydraFacial®, to amplify their results. The procedure takes no more than 30 minutes, and you experience zero downtime.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning doesn’t just make your skin look smoother and clearer; the procedure promotes faster cell turnover and helps your skin care products penetrate more deeply. The team at Evolve Aesthetics asks you which features you’d like to target with your skin care procedure or procedures. 

Dermaplaning can help you reduce:

  • Large pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rough texture
  • Peach fuzz
  • Sun damage

You enjoy noticeably smoother and brighter skin for at least three weeks after dermaplaning, and you can book follow-up dermaplaning appointments to continue enjoying your stunning renewed skin. 

The team recommends protecting your skin from the sun and other sources of ultraviolet (UV) rays to preserve your results for as long as possible. Don’t worry - any hair you remove during the procedure won’t grow back thicker or darker than before. 

How should I prepare for dermaplaning?

Before you undergo a dermaplaning procedure at Evolve Aesthetics, you sit down for a consultation with an experienced skin care provider. They assess your skin type and review your concerns, letting you know if you’re a good candidate for dermaplaning or if another procedure is better suited for your skin type and goals. 

Your provider may give you a few instructions to follow leading up to your dermaplaning appointment so you can get the best results. They might suggest:

  • Waiting until cystic acne breakouts clear
  • Protecting your skin from sunburns
  • Avoiding home exfoliative treatments and products

Since you don’t need any downtime to let your skin heal, you can book your appointment on a workday during your lunch break and keep your weekends open for rest and activities. 

If you’re interested in dermaplaning to make your skin smoother and brighter, call Evolve Aesthetics, or book a consultation online today.